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ВИДЕО ПО ТЕМЕ: Россия упрощает процесс получения гражданства \\ Апрель тв

The report outlines current human rights issues in Saint Petersburg, includes information about the activities of the Ombudsman and his Office aimed at redressing human rights violations, bringing legislation in line with human rights standards, and improving law enforcement and administrative procedures.

The report is based on analysis of information received from state authorities, non-governmental organizations hereafter — NGOs , mass media publications as well as field inspections. As in previous years, in the largest number of complaints concerned social and economic rights.

As before, a high proportion of complaints concerned activities of government agencies, particularly law enforcement authorities. Encouraging changes should also be noted with regard to the rights of persons with disabilities owing to an increased attention of the state authorities to these issues.

On the other hand, problems related to enjoyment of the right to free elections as well as to freedom of association became more serious.

In the past year, the development of socio-political situation in the country had an impact on the human rights situation in Saint Petersburg. Events occurred in Ukraine and their reflection in mass-media led to a rough polarization of opinions, increased hatred feelings, mutual intolerance and harassment between partisans of different opinions.

Systemic causes of human rights violations There is an opinion that the main source of existing problems in society lays in deficiency of the law. Thus, the main way to solve these problems would be to pass new laws, in particular, those creating further bans and restrictions.

Undoubtedly, there are problems which resolution requires changes of legislation. Many confirmed cases of human rights violations are due to other systemic problems, which can be divided into three groups: In , the abovementioned sources of human rights violations were observed in nearly every sphere related to human rights.

Right to housing Implementation of the right to housing remains a very significant issue in Saint Petersburg. In , the majority of confirmed cases of violation of housing rights had taken place not due to defaults of the law or the lack of budgetary funds but because of arbitrary interpretation by the executives of housing legislation, notably, of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation.

Most of the time, violations had occurred in the course of assessment of the actual housing situation of a family in order to determine whether its members are entitled to improving of their housing conditions.

In a number of cases, executive bodies in charge took ill-founded decisions resulted in the rejection of registration of these persons as benefit-entitled on the ground that their current accommodation exceeded the quota of square meters per person allowing a citizen to be eligible for social housing.

Right to life, liberty, personal security and dignity A second largest number of complaints to the Ombudsman concern the right to liberty, personal security and dignity. The Ombudsman regularly receives complaints on illegal behaviour of the police.

As in , many complaints concerned the refusal to open a criminal investigation into allegations of ill-treatment by police officers. The Ombudsman pays a particular attention to detention facilities. In , the Ombudsman received complaints from persons detained in facilities of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, some of them related to conditions of detention.

It appears that overcrowding problem could be partly resolved by a broader use by the courts of alternative to pre-trial detention measures of restriction, such as release on bail. House arrest was ordered in 9 cases, and bail — in 5 cases only. Rights of conscripts and servicemen In , an encouraging decrease of complaints to the Ombudsman from conscripts and servicemen proved to be constant, as 76 complaints were recorded against 79 in The Ombudsman is a member of the army conscription commission for Saint Petersburg.

Staff members of his Office are also members of army conscription commissions for Vyborgskiy, Krasnoselskiy, Nevskiy, and Frunzenskiy districts of Saint Petersburg, as a significant number of complaints brought in the previous year concerned decisions of these commissions.

Despite such a positive evolution, the Ombudsman received a number of complaints concerning the rights of conscripts and servicemen on the following issues: Right to medical assistance The Ombudsman is very concerned by the situation in the sphere of medical assistance to oncology patients in Saint Petersburg.

In oncology, a timely diagnostic is crucial not only for preservation of health, but for saving of life. In , during field inspections of oncological institutions it was found out that medical equipment for diagnostics and therapy of oncological diseases was periodically out of service.

Problems related to timely providing drugs to benefit-entitled citizens, in particular at the beginning of the year, are still acute. This indicates a need to rethink the current procedure for providing citizens with discounted drugs and medical items.

Environmental rights Saint Petersburg faces a number of environmental problems that require urgent solutions. The most critical issue is the inefficient recycling of compact domestic and hazardous wastes. InSaint Petersburg there is the largest in the North-western Federal District of Russia landfill of industrial hazardous waste "Krasniy Bor", where more than 1,5 million tons of waste is kept.

In December , the landfill got back a previously revoked license to perform decontamination and disposal of hazardous waste. The company's website does not contain information required by the law, in particular, about technological and environmental control. Years of delay on resolving this question and other environmental issues are due to non-observance and the lack of enforcement of the existing legislation, lack of access to full and reliable information about the environment and to a weak cross-sector and cross-agency cooperation.

In this regard, in the Ombudsman focused on cross-sector and cross-agency collaboration in the sphere of protection of environmental rights. As a result, on 18 December the Ombudsman held a conference which gathered representatives of more than 20 state bodies, 15 NGOs specialized in environmental issues, 10 institutions performing scientific research and educational missions.

Participants discussed issues of air and water pollution and waste disposal. A separate session was devoted to environmental education.

Inspections were carried out with the participation of representatives of civil society organisations and persons with disabilities. Inspections took place from May to October and consisted in the assessment of randomly chosen public places, including social, health-care, cultural, educational and sport institutions.

In June the results of the first stage of inspections were presented to the Governor of Saint Petersburg. After this presentation positive tendencies in the implementation of the program were observed.

In the course of examining individual complaints, the Ombudsman addresses not only individual problems. Also, through his mediation, he tries to eliminate structural causes of human rights violations.

One of the new requirements consists in an obligation for the company to possess at least one car fitted for wheelchair transport. As a result, from 1 January , 53 cars fitted for wheelchairs are available for persons with disabilities. Field inspections of 32 out of 42 social pharmacies had then shown that only one of them was accessible for persons with motor disabilities.

The conclusions of these inspections were transmitted to the Governor of Saint Petersburg. Rights of people living in psychoneurological state care institutions Persons with mental disabilities constitute a special group of disabled persons. For these persons it is often difficult to express their will and needs.

Therefore, enjoyment of human rights turns out problematic for them. A large proportion of people with mental disabilities live in state social institutions — foster homes for children and psychoneurological care institutions for adults.

They were obliged to place their child at a foster home due to the absence of adequate social support. Reaching 18 years-old, these children are usually transferred to psychoneurological institutions for adults, in which they live their whole life. In , inspections carried out in several psychoneurological care institutions revealed the following human rights problems: Many problems have their source in the actual closed nature of these institutions and the absence of effective control by civil society.

Changing this situation depends on a reform of tutorship and curatorship for people living in psychoneurological care institutions. Another objective consists in a gradual transition from big institutions to another form of social support to this category of people allowing them to be fully involved in society, in line with the requirements of the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.

Discrimination of aliens Xenophobia and nationalism remain issues of grave concern for Saint Petersburg. In , in a number of cases xenophobia took violent forms.

Law-enforcement authorities opened 10 criminal investigations into such attacks. However, in general, the reaction of the society is not proportional to the level of violence and insecurity caused by nationalistic threats. The survey also shows that migration servicesand foreign workers themselves are perceived to be responsible for inter-ethnic problems.

Public pays far less attention to discrimination towards ethnic minorities and foreign nationals. In his Annual Report the Ombudsman outlined problems related to conditions and length of detention of foreign nationals waiting for expulsion from the Russian territory in an aliens centre of the Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region situated in Krasnoye Selo hereinafter — the Centre.

A governmental act on conditions of detention in the Centre was passed. However, many of previously mentioned problems remain unresolved. One of the fundamental problems remains overcrowding of the Centre.

On 28 February , the Centre accommodated individuals, and on 1 September — no less than , whereas the Centre is designed to accommodate a maximum of persons. Another issue is the determination of legal status of aliens whose expulsion is impossible. Therefore, following their release from the Centre, they remain undocumented aliens and repeatedly run the risk to be arrested for breach of residence rules.

In , the Ombudsman received information about difficulties that occur in the process of application for asylum by persons detained in the Centre. Representatives of the migration service carried out interviews with asylum seekers in the Centre only three months or more after having received an application for asylum.

First, the Leningradskiy Regional Court and the Saint Petersburg City Court and then district courts have started to acknowledge that expulsion to Syria is impossible due to the on-going armed conflict and violence in this country.

Gender discrimination One of the most widespread forms of discrimination remains discrimination on the ground of gender. Most of the time, it occurs in labour relations. Three of them complained about the refusal of their employer to transfer them to less difficult job.

Two of them complained about the refusal to get annual paid leave and days-off for required medical check-ups. In , 36 aggressions against LGBT were reported, 30 of which occurred at public events. Attempts of dismissal of LGBT employees of educational institutions had also taken place.

Educational institutions, parents and even pupils received anonymous letters about alleged immoral behaviour of targeted teachers.

To the credit of educational institutions, most of these cases had not serious consequences. However, in one case it led to the dismissal of a teacher. A lawsuit aiming at redressing her labour rights is pending before a court. In , cases of organized violent obstruction by radical groups to LGBT public events were recorded.

In order to effectively prevent xenophobia, the Office of the Prosecutor of Saint Petersburg and the Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region should take additional measures aiming at reinforced control and supervision over enforcement of the law.

They must also take measures in order to arrest and bring to justice individuals responsible for discrimination and violation of the principles of equality. The Government of Saint Petersburg should consider organizing training for employees of state bodies and NGOs aiming at improving their skills in the sphere of prevention of inter-ethnic tension.

Fundamental civil rights as a basis for implementation of social rights Freedom of association In , in Saint Petersburg the following problems were identified in the sphere of implementation of the right to freedom of association: Over the past two years, one of the main problems faced by NGOs has been frequent and duplicative inspections led by control and supervisory bodies.

For many NGOs, this is a very significant amount. In , the Ministry of Justice of Russia included 6 NGOs in the register of organisations carrying out functions of a foreign agent: This activity was recognized as political.

It appears that in order to guarantee a full enjoyment of the constitutional right to freedom of association not only changes in implementation of the law are required.

Принятые правки в некоторой мере упрощают порядок выдачи паспортов лицам, участвующим в Государственной программе по оказанию содействия добровольному переселению в Российскую Федерацию соотечественников, проживающих за рубежом, принятой указом Президента РФ В соответствии со ст.

The report outlines current human rights issues in Saint Petersburg, includes information about the activities of the Ombudsman and his Office aimed at redressing human rights violations, bringing legislation in line with human rights standards, and improving law enforcement and administrative procedures. The report is based on analysis of information received from state authorities, non-governmental organizations hereafter — NGOs , mass media publications as well as field inspections. As in previous years, in the largest number of complaints concerned social and economic rights. As before, a high proportion of complaints concerned activities of government agencies, particularly law enforcement authorities. Encouraging changes should also be noted with regard to the rights of persons with disabilities owing to an increased attention of the state authorities to these issues. On the other hand, problems related to enjoyment of the right to free elections as well as to freedom of association became more serious.

Изменения и дополнения к закону о гражданстве РФ в 2019 году

Документом, который поддержали все фракции, упрощается получение российского гражданства для украинцев. Теперь его должен подписать Путин. Во-вторых, президент России получил право своим указом давать гражданство и тем категориям украинцев, которые под льготы не подпадают. История получения российских паспортов украинцами в последние годы развивается медленно, но в рамках единой "генеральной линии партии". Смысл действий Кремля таков: В сентябре года в силу вступила важная поправка в закон "О гражданство РФ" и касалась упрощенный программы носителей русского языка НРЯ. Она меняла формат отказа от украинского гражданства - с реального, когда своим указом лишает президент Украины, на уведомительный - когда достаточно написать письмо в украинское консульство в России.

Что нового в законе о гражданстве Российской Федерации в 2019 году

Пожалуйста, перейдите по ссылке из письма, отправленного на. В МВД рассказали об изменениях в закон о гражданстве 2 января, МВД РФ планирует, что в июле года вступят в силу изменения в закон "О гражданстве", по которым трудоспособные родители российских граждан смогут получать гражданство РФ в упрощенном порядке. Сейчас проживающие в России иностранцы и лица без гражданства вправе обратиться с заявлениями о приеме в гражданство РФ в упрощенном порядке без соблюдения условия о сроке проживания пять лет со дня получения вида на жительство , в том числе, если являются нетрудоспособными и имеют дееспособных сына или дочь. При этом их ребенок должен быть гражданином РФ и достичь возраста 18 лет. Законопроектом предлагается снять ограничения по нетрудоспособности для родителей российских граждан, которые хотят упрощенно приобрести гражданство РФ. Нетрудоспособными гражданами считаются инвалиды, в том числе инвалиды с детства, дети умершей одинокой матери, потерявшие одного или обоих родителей, либо оба родителя которых неизвестны.

Тем, кто желает иметь российское гражданство, следует знать основные нюансы, правила и требования, предъявляемые со стороны законодательства.

Изменения, связанные с упрощением выдачи российского гражданства 1 сентября вступили в силу. Новый закон о гражданстве РФ года с изменениями и дополнениями фиксирует возможность льготного принятия гражданского статуса русскоязычным гражданам бывших республик Советского Союза, упрощает требования для граждан Украины относительно выхода из украинской государственной принадлежности. Новый регламент получения гражданства помогает привлекать в страну предпринимателей, инвесторов, профессионалов в разных сферах деятельности. Стать гражданином РФ иностранцу можно или на общих основаниях, или при наличии оснований, используя льготы. Закон о гражданстве Российской Федерации года последней редакции упрощает регламент вхождения представителя иного государства в российское гражданство. Прежде всего, это относится к гражданам Украины. Процедура отказа от украинской государственной принадлежности длительная — минимальный срок составляет до 2-х лет. Теперь украинским претендентам на гражданство РФ нет необходимости долгие годы ждать, когда документы будут рассмотрены и Президент Украины подпишет указ о лишении заявителя гражданского статуса.

Закон о гражданстве Российской Федерации

Об этом на пресс-конференции в "Российской газете" рассказали председатель Комитета Государственной Думы ФС РФ по развитию гражданского общества, вопросам общественных и религиозных объединений Сергей Гаврилов и временно исполняющая обязанности начальника Главного управления по вопросам миграции МВД России генерал-майор полиции Валентина Казакова. Закон вступит в силу через три месяца. Он носит исключительно гуманитарный характер - должен помочь русскоязычным людям, прежде всего - с юго-востока Украины, бегущим от ужасов развязанной бандеровцами войны. Таких уже в России около миллиона, которым нужны жилье, работа, просто мирная жизнь в безопасности.

It is the key document on the human rights situation in Saint Petersburg. Human rights situation is reflected not only in complaints submitted to the Ombudsman.

The event was attended by representatives of the political, military and business circles of Iraq, the local diplomatic corps and international organizations. Today we celebrate the National Day of Russia, the day that has great value for our country and its citizens. For us, Russia, our Motherland is much more than just a place where we were born and where we live. This invisible, but strong tie connects all our generations. The Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian SFSR, which was adopted on June 12, and was a genesis for celebrating the Russia Day, became a symbol of rebirth of the renewed Russian State, thus ensured the conditions for building a democratic society. The principle of political and legal independence in our country was proclaimed for the greater causes - ensuring the inherent right to a decent life, free development and use of language to every human being. This was the first step towards development of social policy, which is one of the main course of state actions. The consolidation of our people for the sake of preserving an extensive history, a unique culture, the formation of the powerful state, in which future generations must live, - this is the high ideal that forms the basis of Russia Day. Russia believes that solution for global and regional issues should be sought not through confrontation, but through cooperation based on compromises which are achievable through inclusive dialogue. We are open to everyone for interaction on the global arena on any issues requiring attention.

решений о приеме в гражданство РФ в упрощенном порядке до трех месяцев . of Armenia and Russia signed a cooperation program for

Госдума 4 апреля рассмотрит закон об упрощенной выдаче гражданства РФ носителям русского языка

Законодательные акты, регламентирующие жизнь иностранных лиц в России, неоднократно корректировались и изменялись с даты их издания. Рассмотрим, что представляет собой новый закон о гражданстве РФ года с изменениями и дополнениями, а также нововведения в других законах, касающихся жизни иностранцев в России. Содержание 1 Нововведения года об РВП 1. Видео 2 Получение гражданства по общей схеме 3 Для кого действует упрощенный порядок 3. Разрешение на временное проживание РВП позволяет иностранцу и апатриду находиться легально в стране до обретения вида на жительство. В законе о гражданстве Российской Федерации года в его последней редакции не упоминается о нововведениях при получении РВП. Они отражены в двух других законах:. В частности, с 5 декабря будет дополнен пункт 2 статьи 6 абзацем о том, что Правительством утверждаются правила, по которым будут распределяться квоты на РВП.

Новое в законе о гражданстве в 2019 году: что изменится для соотечественников

Новый принятый закон о гражданстве Российской Федерации , который действует и распространяется на год, представляет собой отражение правовой связи между человеком и государством в виде перечня правил, прав и обязанностей, с учётом уважения и признания достоинства и свободы граждан России. Скачать закон о гражданстве РФ полностью можно здесь. Основная цель данного закона заключается в обеспечении возможности осуществления норм Конституционного и международного права РФ, которые имеют прямое отношение к понятию гражданства и прав человека. При этом преследуется цель обеспечения правовой защиты каждому гражданину России. В статьях закона предопределены права на гражданство каждого человека, проживающего в России, описаны правовые вопросы при оформлении и получении двойного гражданства , сохранение прав на гражданство, приобретение гражданства на детей и другие нормы и требования, касательно данной темы.

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Упрощенное гражданство. Смогут ли жители Донбасса уже весной идти за российскими паспортами


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